Back by popular demand- I am here to share conversations that have happened in my household with with my husband, aka Mazer.

Over email one day, I told him that I want a IPAD for Christmas. His normal sarcastic response was, “No way, you’re getting a cheap ipad knockoff from ebay.”  So, I told him that he was not funny, and I really want one. I was told, “Well, I want one too so you take my kindle and I’ll get a new IPAD.”

I responded the only way I know how–“Are you kidding me, what the #$@* is wrong with you?!”

Appropriate? I think so.

Later in the week, he told me he was going hunting and I was told, “have the back of your truck filled with a tarp or news papers cause were gonna have a big one to haul out of the woods.”

Everyone should know that I do not have a truck, but a new SUV that still has the new car smell.  Another thing to know is that I will never haul a carcass as long as my carcass is still breathing.   So, I pointed out to the love of my life that he has two vehicles, and maybe if he combined his motorcycle and convertible he would have one practical car.  His email response is below:

“I’d say I have one semi practical vehicle.  I can’t really go in the snow, nor can I carry more than a little luggage or 2 people comfortably.  But both can go VERY FAST and they are both SILVER AND BLACK and allow the wind to blow through your hair and get a tan while driving.”

And yet, he seems to think he will keep both vehicles after we have children. I say no flippin way!  Tell us what you think.

Cheers, Tara