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We are half way there, through the pregnancy that is! On Monday, we had our sonogram and were able to see our little one, along with the heartbeat, and tiny feet.  We opted not to learn the gender, but to be surprised in May.  Everything went well with the appointment and our baby is already a whopping 11 ounces.  I take that to mean that my body has been selfish with the other 17 pounds I have already gained. 😉  We also learned that our baby is very active, which is a good thing with the exception that I am now convinced I am having a wild child.


The baby sat still long enough to take a picture. Sorry for the glare, of course I already framed it and took a picture of the picture in the frame.

New things I have come to realize in the past few weeks:

  • Please don’t tell a pregnant person that they do not look pregnant.  It may seem like a compliment, but really I hear you telling me that you think I have always been this large.  I have not.
  • Medical professionals should never tell a pregnant woman that there is bad news unless the news is REALLY bad.  Before we saw the sonogram pictures, the technician said I have bad news and good news so of course I started panicking.  The bad news?  The baby is so active they couldn’t take a clear picture of the spine.  The good news?  I get to have another sonogram next month. Ummm, hello-that is not bad news, thank you for making me stress.  Of course I am thrilled to be having another sono next month, nothing in that equation is bad.

This weekend Mom and I are going for Round 2 of the baby registry, which means all day shopping so wish me luck.  Only another 135 days until the big arrival-#EXCITED!