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The countdown is on, officially 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day! Guys, don’t forget to make that dinner reservation and order those flowers.  (That’s your hint, husband of mine).  Girls, you should pick up a small token for the guys. Something simple like his favorite candy or baked good will do.  After all, this is a day of love for everyone!


Cheetos still needs a date for the big night

For those of you needing a little nudge, there are three categories that may apply to you and your Valentine:

  • Go Out On The Town (for those fairytale types)

The most romantic day of the year is always a great excuse to get dressed up and dine in a fancy restaurant.  Pick up your date with flowers and don’t forget to bring that little sparkling token from Kay.  Upon arriving at the restaurant, do not expect to be seated unless you have made reservations.  Before making reservations, be sure to check the menu beforehand.  Many times restaurants will have a pre-fixe menu on holidays and you only have a choice of certain menu items.  Simply put, you will have to choose between 3 entrees, 4 sides and 2 desserts.  After dinner check out your local outdoor ice skating rink; you can hold hands and skate to romantic songs along with all of the other couples that are there on a date.

  • A Night In (for the tired, homebody)

Let’s be honest, it is a weeknight and all you want to do is put your sweats on.  No problem! Pick up a bottle of wine and Chinese food on your way home, light some candles, and VOILA-a cozy night in to snuggle with your love.  If you want to put a little more effort into your evening, make dinner together.  Shrimp Scampi is a quick, easy and delicious meal that you can make together; or try something new and creative-roll sushi together!  After dinner, pop in a romantic comedy such as When Harry Met Sally and enjoy your evening.  For dessert make your special someone a heart shaped rice crispy treat!  Make rice crispy treats as you normally would, but shape it into a heart while they are still warm. The same can be done with a giant chocolate chip cookie.

  • Friends Shindig (for the singles)

If you are single, you should throw a party with your friends.  You can do a dinner party or something simple like appetizers and drinks.  Even easier, have a movie marathon and stuff your face with delicious Valentine chocolates.  Friends have bailed on you? Hit a bar and meet someone new.

Whatever you decide, just remember that it is just another day and to be thankful for the loved ones in your life!