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A couple of weekends ago, the husband and I decided we needed a vacation before the baby arrives-our Babymoon.  Now, what exactly is a Babymoon? Basically this is a trip to anywhere you choose so you can spoil yourself one last time before your bundle of joy arrives.  Lets face it, once the baby comes you can’t hop on a plane for a last minute anything unless you have made arrangements.  Where you go is up to you-the mountains to snuggle by a cozy fire or if you are like me, the beach is the place to go!

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise

The second trimester was the perfect time for our trip, I’m not huge enough that I cannot travel and yet have more energy than the 1st trimester, when I couldn’t peel myself off of the couch!  Another bonus- January is the coldest, most depressing month and this gave us that boost we needed to get through the rest of winter, before we became that couple from The Shining.

Our final destination? Puerto Rico! This is an easy trip from any East Coast airport; you can snag a direct flight for about 3 hours AND no passport is needed, so a lot of planning does not need to go into this.  Our trip basically consisted of lying  in the sun, sleeping, eating delicious food, napping by the pool, more eating, sleeping some more and reading a good book (not a baby related one). Instead of boring you with a narrative, and because I am feeling lazy, I decided to let our pictures tell most of our trip: