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Imagine my excitement this morning when I was up and out of the house before I needed to be, and still had time to pick up pastries for the office.  What better way to brighten a rainy Monday than with Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts?!  While there I decided to treat myself to an iced decaf coffee since I have not tasted coffee in the past 25 weeks, as I am trying to be the responsible mom to-be.

My excitement was quickly squashed while I was driving to work and the heart racing set in.  I know what you are thinking-are you sure you asked for a decaf? I did, and I even asked her again when she handed it to me.  Now, I know that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has said that pregnant women can consume caffeine in moderation, or about 200 milligrams per day, but I personally choose not to.  Even before I was pregnant, you would only catch me with caffeine if I was exhausted.  In fact, one of our very good family friends always jokes at parties that no one should give me soda because I still bounce off of the wall like a 6-year-old.


So, I was convinced this morning that she handed me the wrong cup of joe until I did some research on decaf coffee.  To my surprise and disappointment, I found that decaf coffee isn’t really decaffeinated!  In fact the caffeine levels vary from business to business.  A Consumer Report test in 2007 found that one decaf from Dunkin’ Donuts contained 32 milligrams of caffeine — about the same amount in 12 ounces of Coca-Cola Classic.  To put this in perspective for you, normal cups have about 90 milligrams of caffeine, give or take. For someone who has not had any caffeine to having the equivalent to a 12 ounce can of coke-that is a lot.  So, now I have learned a lesson and you can consider yourself informed as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be getting my Munchkins from Dunkin, I just know my limits.  Have a great week!