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It has been awhile since I have posted everyone’s favorite installment of Conversations with Mazer.  My husband claims that this is because he has been too busy preaching the truth, and the truth ain’t always funny. (his actual words)

Of course I still have to share some standout moments:

1. While discussing the Grammys, Katy Perry’s boobs are awesome, Russell Brand is an idiot.” Ummmm, you are an idiot!

2. While watching The Switch with Jennifer Aniston. ” I can’t take these movies, they should not be labeled a romantic comedy when there is all Rom and no Com. Haven’t laughed once.”

3. While discussing my 1st gray hair, “Oh you wait until the baby starts pulling your hair out and you have to get it colored once a month.”  Thank you for making me feel better.

Since reading these posts he has decided to step up his love game for the month of February!

….To Be Continued…