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Family and friends, do not worry I did not include you.  If you were worried, maybe you have some things to think about 😉

In no particular order, here are the worst couples:

*Note if they have a combined name they suck even harder.

  1. Chris Brown and Rihanna -No 2nd chance in my book.
  2. Kanye and Kim* –So tired of hearing about Kimye.  Hello, she is still married to someone else!
  3. Teresa and “Juicy” Joe GiudiceI’m pretty sure Juicy doesn’t even like her.
  4. Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart* –This has been dragging on way too long. See #1, No 2nd chance in my book.
  5. Heidi and Spencer* -Ummm, she should have listened to LC a long time ago.
  6. Snooki and Jionni –Does he have a job? They live in the family basement.
  7. Taylor Swift and any one of her men at the moment –So tired of hearing these breakup songs. Maybe Taylor is the problem.

and there’s the best:

  1. Prince William and Kate Middleton –He’s a prince, enough said!
  2. President and First Lady Obama -Power and Love=Awesome.
  3. Mama June and Sugar BearOhhh soo smexy!
  4. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis –Glad they finally figured out they had to kiss a few frogs to get the prince.
  5. Gaby Giffords and Mark Kelly –Such an inspiring marriage!
  6. Blake Shelton and Miranda LambertIndependently fabulous and perfect together!
  7. Beyonce and Jay-Z –The song clearly says, “Who Run the World?”

Happy Valentine’s Day!