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This past weekend, I found myself watching Nate play The Walking Dead video game and could not drag myself away.  It’s an interactive game, so we decide the outcome, similar to those choose your own adventure books when we were kids. Anyway, during the game one of the boys was bit by a zombie and had to be killed so I started crying! YES, I cried during a video game!  Of course we both ended up laughing because it was so ridiculous but when I shared this with some friends, I was able to hear their funniest emotional pregnancy moments.

I cried when I had to feed the dog. The one thing I hated while being pregnant was the smell of dog food.  My husband was away one weekend and the dog had to be fed so I had to wrap a towel around my nose and mouth all while bawling my eyes out!  -CO

We were looking at baby name books and I cried over the names. -LW

I was pregnant around Christmas and I would cry every flipping time they aired the Folgers commercial, when the sister said to the brother, “You’re my present this year.”  -AM

While I was pregnant with my second child, I was making dinner one night and I just started crying.  There was literally no reason for it; one minute I stirring something in the pan and the next I was crying. -LW

Huggies commercial led to waterworks for me.- JB

Really only thing to say-Damn You, Hormones! Cheers, T