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In the movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting Elizabeth Banks’ character has a breakdown: “I just wanted the glow — the one that they promise you on the cover of those magazines. Well, I’m calling it: Pregnancy sucks! Making a human being is really hard, I have no control over my body or my emotions. Gar-bear, I’m sorry, all I want to do is punch you in the face…”

Alright, she may go a little far in the movie and I wouldn’t necessarily say pregnancy sucks; but I would ask, is the pregnancy glow real? Some say that it is, but I think most people probably just get tired of being uncomfortable with their ever-changing bodies.  Sure, you look put-together on the outside but secretly there is a whole lot of stuff happening:

  1. You live in constant fear that your belly button will pop out and have to check on its well-being every day.
  2. Your morning routine time has doubled because you literally have nothing to wear and the 5 outfits that do fit are in the laundry.
  3. You eat as much, if not more, than your husband in one sitting. Gross.
  4. Tying your shoes and putting on socks has become a chore.
  5. You no longer have fun stories of what you did over the weekend, because all you do is get the house ready for the baby and go out to eat.
  6. Who knew dry mouth could be such a bother?! You end up drinking a lot of water, and feel the need to throw up.
  7. Getting comfortable at night isn’t an option, so when the morning alarm goes off you can barely move.
  8. Running 4 miles is such a distant memory, now a walk around the block has you winded.  No need to even address the stairs!
  9. You’re pretty confident that you do not have a cold, but your damn nose will not stop running.
  10. Yes, the windows do have to be open when it is only 20 degrees outside!

The list can go on, but I am curious what others think: