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Wow, talk about pressure! There are so many things to think about when naming your little one. 1. Does it sound like a stripper name?  2.Will their resume be taken seriously when an employer reviews it?  3.Does it rhyme with something horrible like poop or loser making them a target for bullies in grade school?  4.Does everyone else born in that year have the same name? We all remember the Jennifers of the 80’s.   5. Then you have to think, do we already have a Phillip in the family?
After all of that, you and the husband still have to agree. We all know that leads to the conversation of: Oh, I knew a John Doe in school and he was a real pompous ass, or Jane Doe was gross and smelled bad.

A great place to check for names is Social Security.  They can tell you the popularity of a name by state, by year, etc.

When you finally narrow it down to one boy name and one girl name, you are relieved and want to tell people. Yet, now you have to hear the dreaded: oh yeah, my dog was named that.  Lets get one thing clear about dog names-Bo, Spot, Buttons, Diesel, and Tiny are dog names. Dogs that have a human name are named after humans, not the other way around. It drives me nuts when people say that the baby name is a dog name, and telling that to excited parents is just rude.

So, what’s my point? I have come to the realization that picking a name is very private and takes some time.  Please don’t be offended when you are not told the name until after the baby is born.  After all and most importantly, I don’t want a certain pregnant cousin named Jennifer from the 80’s to steal my boy name when I have a girl and she has a boy;)