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We all remember the movie, Knocked Up when Katherine Heigl visits several doctors and after finally choosing one, he is on vacation when she goes into labor.  Of course, she ends up being stuck with the one doctor that she despises. Maybe you already have a fabulous doctor that you have been seeing for years, but for those of us that do not have a doctor practicing obstetrics it is back to square one.

So, I was at square one and found a practice that has 8 doctors.  They encourage you to visit with all of the doctors at least once to see who you are comfortable with.  From there, you should pick your top two in case one has been on call for the previous 72 hours before you go into labor.  Do you really want a doctor that has been up for days?  No.  So I picked two and am happy with my choices.

My point in this posting is that I am quite surprised with my choices and found out more about myself in making this decision.  One of the doctors was great.  He had the most experience, very kind, and probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met. However, I realized that nice doesn’t always cut it. I am the type of person that wants to know everything and needs answers.  His only re-assurance was to say that everything looks good and he would see me next time.  Please don’t tell me that my blood count is good, tell my why it is good. So, he was out of the running.

Another doctor sat in front of me and barely said three words.  I had to ask all of the questions and was told everything was fine.  What the heck does fine mean?  I have nothing to compare this pregnancy to.  Needless to say, won’t be seeing her again!

Are my top two pregnancy wizards? Pretty much!  Both are very thorough, explaining everything from my cholesterol count, to why the heck by belly button hurts.  I am now an expert in belly button stretching haha.  More importantly, they are very real with me.  It is okay if I sleep on my back for a while, because my left side hurts.  Gaining more weight only leads to possible complications with having a big baby so watch it.

Anyway, my point here is that you should shop around, don’t settle.  Don’t pick someone just because they are nice or have a lot of experience. You should feel comfortable that they are competent, and can explain things to you and your family. After-all they will be with you for the most important moment in your life.