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We all know that moms know best, because they tell us that they do and no one argues with a mom.  I have found during this pregnancy that there are different types of moms offering different types of advice.  While I know they all mean well, some are more helpful than others.  Here are the top moms that I have met.

1. The Listener:  This mom will hear you out about all of your fears, frustrations, and anxiety.  She is assuring and lets you know it really will be okay. Keep her around!

2. On the Bright Side: This mom will send you-tube videos about parenting that make you laugh until you cry.  Emails and messages from this mom are always welcome!

3. All About Her Kids: This mom cannot help but immediately turn the conversation to her kids. While this is fine from time to time, sometimes it’s annoying because you can’t relate yet.  Sometimes you just need to chat or get her opinion on something and being cut off to talk about Junior’s cold (again) is getting old.

4. Scare the Crap Out of You: This mom only knows how to share birth horror stories and will leave you feeling panicked that you are not nearly prepared enough. You will have anxiety attacks and go home crying to your husband, convinced that you are not capable or ready.  Steer clear of this mom when you can.

5. Call Me:  This mom will offer help every time you see her at functions and insists you call her if you need anything.  If she cares so much, why doesn’t she call on the regular to see how things are going?  While I am sure this person is sincere, the comfort level to call is just not there.

6. Silent:  This mom offers nothing to the conversation. Maybe she figures you will figure it out, but she is no help. Offer her a class in socializing 101.

7. Back in My Day: This mom is usually an older female that wants to share her stories about her kids. You have probably heard the story before, and while you may be annoyed just let her tell it.  She enjoys helping out and it’s not hurting anything.

Like I said, they all mean well, but go about it in different ways.  If I have missed any, please feel free to share!