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On Monday the doctor told me I need to start taking it easy after I informed him I was starting to not feel so well.  He joked with the husband that more dinner and movie dates would be helpful.

It is now Thursday and I thought to myself, how am I supposed to be more lazy?  I don’t do a ton of strenuous activities and am not sure how else to slack, considering that I have already cut back significantly.  The dishwasher was ran on Saturday and wasn’t unload until Tuesday! TUESDAY!  I couldn’t take the dishes in the sink any longer, things still have to get done.  The gym membership has gone down the toilet, so that’s not happening. Last night I made dinner, and realized that I used to make dinner at least 4 nights a week.  Currently, dinner might be made one night a week.  I used to grocery shop and make my lunches at least Monday-Thursday, now I buy lunch every day.  These are all corners that have already been cut. How else can one be lazy?

I have a desk job, while stressful at times, it is still a great work environment and I love it.  I have no other kids that I need to care for, just the hubs and I.   After work, I go home and watch TV and sleep at least 7 hours each night (if I don’t wake up to pee which is now every night).

SO, I am not sure how much more I can take it easy?  Any suggestions are welcome 🙂