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These past few weeks Cheetos (my spoiled house cat) has been more of a stalker than usual.  Cheetos is more lovable than most cats and is pretty social so he normally follows me around however, since being pregnant he will not let me out of his sight.  He is there when I wake up in the morning, in the bathroom while I get ready, waits at the door when I come home, on the couch with me when watching TV, and at my feet during bedtime.  I know a lot of people say that their dog sensed something different during pregnancy, but I am now convinced that cats do too.  Below are some recent pics of the lovable and now protective Cheetos:


While trying to get the nursery ready, he needed to investigate and supervise.


If I am napping, he is right there with me.


The most unusual change in his behavior is that he now sits outside of the shower while I am getting ready. We now call him Guard Cat.


Sleeps at my feet all night, and sits at my head in the morning while I am waking up!