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What better day than April Fool’s Day to post our latest edition of Conversations with My Husband.  Below are just a few of the fun things he has said over the past month that have really stuck out and made me say, “Wait, what did you just say?”

  • While looking at the baby registry: “How many seats does this kid need? We already have a car seat, stroller, pack & play, crib, swing, walker, and booster seat.  Can’t he just sit on the couch with me and chill?”  Umm, no; infants can’t hold themselves up.
  • After dinner one night: “You only ate 2 pieces of pizza? Huh, you didn’t eat as much as I thought you would.”
  • While complaining that my back hurt: “You’re not getting a back-rub, that’s how we ended up in this predicament.”
  • Discussing maternity photos: “Ughh, do we have to do the lame picture with our hands in the shape of a heart?”  Yes we do.
  • Another night after dinner and this is my favorite: “After the baby is born, you can’t eat like a man anymore.”
  • While many of our conversations these days are baby related, there are a few that are not. While discussing dumb people: “I would just like to throw stones at them.”  Someone is watching too much Spartacus and Vikings.