This past week we hit the 32 week mark!  So far, all is good with our very active and oh so adorable baby.  Yep, I’m already partial and can’t stop staring at the pic below.


32 Week Sono Pic

As with every appointment, our active baby kept moving and putting their hands up to block his/her face so you can only see a partial picture. This past week we were able to view our baby playing with his/her toes and could see their stomach rising and falling as he/she was practicing breathing.

The Sono tech already thinks our baby looks like Dad and I am now convinced that baby will probably take after him in the shoe department because his/her feet are already 7cm long! Our baby already has hair, which could explain some of my heartburn and is in the head down position which explains the constant rib kicks.

We were happy to hear that our baby is in the 58th percentile, weighing 4lbs,12ounces and is developmentally a week ahead.  The Hubs is now convinced that baby needs to keep getting stronger so I should drink protein shakes and he definitely tried bribing everyone to tell him the gender!

50 more days to go!


8 Months Pregnant