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Okay people, the question is: Are sympathy pains real?

In my household they are very real, or at least that is what the Hubs claims.  My ribs have been killing me because the baby has wedged his/her foot into them and he tells me that his ribs have been bothering him all day.  I say I have heartburn, and suddenly he claims to have heartburn.  Lately, I have been having trouble sleeping so I end up walking to the kitchen and eating cereal every night while I am awake for 2 hours.  Last night, someone woke up, went to the kitchen and ate a bunch of candy to help him fall back asleep.  My favorite was the other day when he told me I have no idea what he is going though. #TrueStory


So, I did some research and found that there is actually a name for it! The Mayo Clinic calls it Couvade Syndrome, and it occurs in healthy men whose partners are expecting. Men can experience any symptoms from nausea to bloating to leg cramps. In 2005 Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported that 90% of men experience at least one pregnancy symptom!

I guess I will have to stop giving the Hubs a hard time and be more sympathetic, after-all I have no idea what he is going through 🙂

Cheers, T