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This past week, my 34th week of pregnancy, was one of the hardest and busiest yet.  I am happy that it is over, I’m feeling much better, and ready to face week 35!

Since I have not updated the blog in over a week, I thought I would recap my bloated and very busy week in this post.  I will warn you, it may not sound pretty and is pretty straightforward.

First, I will set the scene with some visuals for you by telling you that I no longer have ankles, just full-fledged cankles.  Along with those go my swollen fingers that my wedding ring no longer fits; I may start telling people that Nate and I are having problems.  I guess I am lucky I haven’t noticed stretch marks, but I have noticed the chunkiness of my thunder thighs. #Gross


Drawing of a cankle, not my cankle

And so begins the story of my 34th week:

One afternoon I ordered the rest of my registry items and when I went to check out I had no items in my cart. So, I had to start over and ended up spending a total of 5 hours online on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

One evening I decided to start the baby’s laundry and instead spent 2 hours cutting the tags and packaging off of the clothes, towels, and bedding. Once I did start the laundry, there were 4 loads and luckily I only managed to lose 1 itty-bitty baby sock.  Enough to drive me crazy.

We finally ordered and picked up the high chair and I was able to finish the nursery one Sunday afternoon!  I am beyond relieved that the nursery is done and I will post pics soon.  Since the nursery is done, I have probably had to take Cheetos out of the crib at least 20 times.


And when I took him out the crib, he moved to the changing pad.


I am officially exhausted because I don’t sleep. Did you know that birds start chirping as early as 1:30am?! I wake up about every 2-3 hours and yes, I know this is nature’s way of preparing me for motherhood.  This sleep deprivation has led to me losing my mind; the other day I tried opening the front door to my house with my car’s key-fob. #TrueStory.

I did make it to the grocery store and was ecstatic that fruity and cocoa pebbles were on sale= 4 boxes bought!! 🙂

We dined at the The Cheesecake Factory and I ordered the French Toast Napoleon.  While this is the most delicious meal in the world, it is also the worst for you.  It is the equivalent of 3 dozen eggs! And yes, I had a piece of cheesecake when I was done. Thank you very much!

Phone therapy sessions with my bestie and fellow pregnant cousin are now a necessity and this week totaled somewhere around 120 minutes.

Oh yeah, I live in constant fear of wetting myself because the baby pushes on my bladder. #FunTimes

Did I mention that I still have a full time job?  Now that all of that is over with I can focus on writing my thank you notes. Cheers to week 35 and forgetting week 34.