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Well, the 38th week is here and we are due in 13 days.  Granted, the baby could arrive at any point during those days but in the meantime, we have been playing the waiting game.  Everything is now done from car seat inspection, the laundry, the nursery, the thank you notes, and yes What to Expect When You are Expecting has been read. 

After months of preparing, I found myself sitting on the couch one night and I was actually bored! I haven’t been bored in months, so now what? Well, upon the advice of veteran moms, I have been enjoying myself as a normal person aka not thinking about baby 24/7.  I made it to the bar for trivia night last week, and I even made it to see the Great Gatsby on opening weekend!  This past week I had lunch and/or dinner with friends on at least 3 occasions.  I treated myself to a pedicure and had my eyebrows done, so at least parts of me will look decent in delivery. 🙂  We have finally rented movies that I have wanted to see, so I can now check Les MiserablesThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and This is 40 off of my list.  Let’s not forget to mention that the Lifetime Movie Network is an integral part of my weekend mornings when I move to the couch! Of course lying on the couch isn’t complete without my sidekick Cheetos:


My next step is to start on my summer reading; if you have you have any suggestions, would love to hear them!

Cheers, T