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Is it just me, or is everyone having a baby boy this year?

No, I’m not kidding; I tallied up everyone I know that is having or has had a baby this year and boys outnumber girls.  Out of 20 people, including myself, 14 people are having boys, 3 girls and 3 that do not know yet.  That’s 70% boys and could be higher since 3 do not know.  About 2 months ago I was touring one of the daycare centers and noticed this trend again.  Of the 9 infants in the room, 8 were boys and only 1 girl!



So, of course I started looking around for statistics to see if there was anything to this, but sadly found nothing worth mentioning.  I did find the Chinese Birth Chart, which tells me that I am also having a boy so of course, the Hubs is now very excited because he thinks its a boy.

Any one else recognizing this trend??