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Since joining the mom world, I have found that everything under the sun is considered normal, even if you are concerned about it.  The 1st week my daughter was born, we were at the Dr. office 3x within a 5 day period!  I should note that my child is completely healthy, so I can’t imagine what parents with actual concerns go through.

Some so-called normal behaviors:

  • If your child is pooping way more than the charts say they should, it’s normal.
  • If your child suddenly stops going to the bathroom for four days and becomes super cranky, that too is apparently normal.
  • Your child will lose weight by the time you take them home from the hospital and you will become fixated on getting their weight back up. Yep, normal. 
  • Your child gets the hiccups 100x a day?  Don’t worry, its normal.
  • It sounds like your child is congested and having trouble breathing through their nose? Apparently that’s normal too.
  • Bumps on their face? Normal and they can appear anywhere on the body.
  • They won’t burp, only to spit up on you an hour later? Completely Normal. 

I am lucky that my husband is here to remind me that I do not receive an award for being the best parent.  Come to think of it, I don’t even get graded, there is only pass or fail. As long as she is growing, happy, and healthy I succeed in the child rearing department. So far, so good!

Lastly, I can’t do a blog post without adding at least one new picture:


Relaxing with Cheetos