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Last week I tried to go to Target, and it literally consumed my entire day! #Truestory

Every time I would try to leave the house we hit a roadblock, or an explosion. I think we went through 3 outfit changes due to spit up, pee, and of course the most obvious-poop.  Did you know that poop can travel up a diaper?! Newton apparently didn’t know everything about gravity.  We finally made it out the door once the Hubs was home from work.  This actually worked out better so he could push the stroller and I could shop. 🙂

That was only one day, but it happens on a regular basis.  We went to the doctor on Monday and as soon as I put her pants on, she spit up all over her onesie.  It was stinky formula so that meant another outfit change.  My blog posts are now few and far between because when I do get a minute, I eat, shower, check email, and/or nap.

I will say that I have gained a new respect for stay at home moms.  I always thought they sat home and watched TV, but there are some days I notice that it is 3pm and the TV hasn’t been turned on.  I am not sure where the day goes, but it goes by way too fast and there is always more to do.

I can’t believe I actually thought I would be hanging out at the pool and watching lifetime movies all summer. Ha!


The day we actually made it to the pool.
Disclaimer-Hubs was home to help:)