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Wow, where did the summer go? I have so many drafts of blog posts that I started working on and have not gotten around to finishing.  Before Baby Girl came along I would do posts about the funny/ridiculous things my husband would say and now those convos now revolve around Baby Girl.  For those of you that are parents, I am sure you can appreciate and relate.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Whats wrong? I need help! She pooped in the tub and my toothbrush just fell in there!
  • Can you pick her up for me? Yeah, I will have to steal your car though since I’m not Brittany Spears and she can’t ride on my lap.
  • Babe, I am pretty sure I am sleeping in spit up.  It’s fine, I may have slept in pee.
  • Ughh, I still have shampoo in my hair.  Me Too!  I’m not getting back in the shower so I just brushed it into my wet hair.
  • I drank 2 cups of coffee today and feel sick from too much caffeine. Yeah, I had 2 today but I can’t keep my eyes open.
  • What is that smell? Did she poop or did you fart?

Although we are tired, we are having so much fun with her now that she is giggling and smiling back at us.  Of course we think she is the cutest baby ever:)