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Guess who turned four months old and could not be more excited about it?!


I realize that I have not posted any updated pictures so I have captured highlights of the last two months, starting with her three-month pictures.

She loves her toys and books, basically anything she can chew on.

I returned to work after Labor Day so she now attends daycare.  While I was nervous at first, she had no problem adjusting and has been nicknamed “Spicy Chicken” because of her upbeat personality 🙂


First morning of daycare. She was a little tired that morning.


Out cold after her first day.







Cheetos is finally starting to come around.


For a little person, she likes to sprawl out.

At 15 weeks the rolling began! While she can roll to her stomach, she has yet to figure out how to roll back.  This turns into her yelling in frustration until Nate or I roll her back over. Then she goes right back to rolling on her stomach:)

All in all she is a very laid back,

105_1209too cool,


very happy baby!