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This past August I turned 30 and while all of the hype can scare you, I must say that it is a great age.   I am loving life and happier than ever.  Last year on my 29th birthday I made a short bucket list of things to do before 30.  As promised, here are the updates:

1.     Make my mother-in-laws spaghetti sauce. I have the recipe, just need to take a stab at it.  Unfortunately, I have not done this but maybe for Christmas dinner since I am hosting this year.

2.     Travel to Memphis with my cousin Jen; we have been talking about it since we were 10! Graceland here we come!  This has yet to happen. Jen is also a new mommy so perhaps we will take our little ladies with us someday.

 3.     Run in a race–5K or 10K, or maybe both! I have signed up for 2 races and paid for one. The first race I was too exhausted from pregnancy so that was nixed and the second race I hurt my knee while training.

 4.     Sign up to have all of my bills paid online.  You would be amazed how often I forget to make the car payment. Sorry Nate! Sad to say that I still haven’t done this.

 5.     Organize and clean the spare bedroom, before someone calls A&E to showcase me as a hoarder.  Done! This room is now a nursery so we had to get rid of everything

 6.     Visit with the family more often, yes in-laws too.   Now that our little bundle of joy is here we see family at least once a month.

 7.     Call the eye doctor for a new pair of glasses, having the same pair since college is unacceptable. Time for a new look. Done, and I must say they are pretty fabulous!

 8.     Start paying attention to the biological clock. Well, I think we all know how this one turned out.

 9.     Make church more of a priority. Found a church and go on the regular.

 10.  Pick a weekend for NJ girls weekend, and stick to the date.  Making time to see friends that do not live around the corner is becoming more and more important as time seems to be going faster the older I get.  While we have not set an exact weekend, we have been seeing each other pretty regularly this year.