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They say it’s the little things in life that matter and I have come to agree.  I started a list of my favorite ‘little things’ which I will update periodically.

  • Mornings.  I used to hate the morning, but there is nothing better than morning snuggles with a happy baby to start your day on the right foot.
  • Listening to my husband talk with her as he gets her ready for the day. Melts my heart every time.
  • Her snores. Yes, she snores and sounds like an old man!
  • Lose It. Loseit.com is the easiest and FREE weight loss tool that is my new obsession! Seriously, I am addicted to it.
  • Graduate Cereal Puffs. Not only does Baby Girl love them, but I find myself sneaking a few here and there. Blueberry, Sweet Potato-you name it.
  • Baby Banana Training Toothbrush. Serves as both a teether and training toothbrush.
  • Fischer Price Piano. Its the perfect height for her to sit or practice standing. Hours of entertainment provided.


Cheers, T