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Earlier this month we had a wedding in Miami Beach and like any first time mom, I was panicking about leaving my baby.  Go ahead veteran moms- shake your heads all you want. 🙂 The solution was simple; we took her and made new memories as a new family.  Granted, I was nervous about the flight and thought everyone would roll their eyes as we walked on the plane, but it was amazingly smooth!

We gave ourselves plenty of time to get through airport security and I made sure to organize her diaper bag beforehand in case they needed to search it.  Both flights were booked in the morning to coincide with her nap time but it didn’t matter, she stayed awake. On both legs of the trip we flew direct and sat in the back of the plane in case we needed to walk around with her, I recommend doing this since you will also befriend the flight attendants.  Our daughter is already quite the social butterfly so she acted as the bathroom greeting committee to everyone on the plane.  I read that you should try to feed your baby while the plane is taking off but she had ideas of her own so she ate as soon as we boarded. Baby Girl was happy so we went with it and if you plan a trip just go with the flow; after-all, Baby is the boss!  I would recommend taking some toys and extra pacifiers because you can never seem to find them when you need them.

Once we arrived in Miami we hopped in a cab and were on our way.  After we settled in and I put her things away it was time for vacation!  Pictures are below. Cheers, T


Our Little Jet Setter



Pool Time!


Miami Beach!


Remote Control=Happy Baby


Lullaby Station on Pandora=Calm Baby


Checking out the Strip during dinner


Our Beach Baby