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I love Sundays!  I run errands in the morning and spend the rest of the day with my family while cooking and lounging around in sweatpants.  While I am running errands(grocery store, gym, and Dunkin Donuts), the Hubs is home spending time with Baby Girl. When I arrive home, everything appears picture perfect as my daughter is cuddled up on her Dad’s chest, snoozing away.  It is not until I assess the house and ask how the morning went do I have another picture of chaos in my head.

Let’s start with two Sundays ago, when he told me that she may have eaten cat food because her breath smelled.  I press him further until he confesses that he actually saw the food in her mouth, so yes she did eat the cat food. Well, there’s a first time for everything.

This past Sunday, I arrived home to a very excited little person. She had been bathed, dressed in clothes that her Daddy picked out and her hair was spiked in a mohawk. I notice that her bath towel is completely saturated in the empty bathtub as if it fell into the tub of water but I don’t ask. Hubs informed me that they shared a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg and she loved it. In my head I start freaking out, but keep cool on the outside. “WHAT?! Babies can’t have peanut butter, what if she’s allergic?”  Without hesitation he responds:  “Well, it’s better if we know now instead of later.” Touché

I am sure there are other things that he hasn’t told me and I am sure when she starts talking his motto will be, “Don’t Tell Mom!” When she gets older she will love spending Sunday mornings with her Dad as much as he loves spending them with her.


She loves chocolate and her Daddy


He gets to clean her up