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Dear Mazerisms,

This blog entry will serve two purposes, first an apology and then an actual conversation with my husband.

When I first started this blog, I was excited to share new experiences and hear back from others.  No one told me that being a mom blogger takes a lot of time when you work a full-time job, and have a child.  If any working moms do blog regularly, I am all ears for tips to make it work!  Over the past few months, I have started drafting posts and hope to finalize them after the 1st birthday bash is over(fingers crossed). You can look forward to working titles that include: Hey Supermom, It Takes a Village, Chats with Jen, Our 1st Year, and 1st Birthday Bash.  Yes, some of them are outdated but I figure you can always use my recipes for St. Pats Reuben Bites and Mother Gerry’s Easter Cake next year, just make sure you pin it to your Pinterest board so you don’t forget.

Before I start with those, I figured I would get back to blogging with one of my favorite topics that brings a smile to my face, my husband!

We are currently planning baby girl’s 1st birthday bash and have decided that a toy box will be her big gift this year.  While looking online, we have narrowed the search down to two choices.  The 1st choice is an espresso wooden chest that matches her crib and dresser; the 2nd is a very girly, princess type box.

My husband had the following to say on the two choices, “A wooden espresso toy box will not match anything in her room (please reference above paragraph) and it looks like I will have to assemble the 2nd one.  Just remember that the 2nd one will have a few screws missing and it will wobble.”

Hmmm, matching or wobbly? We will be sure to let you know which one we decide on!

Cheers, T