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Today was one of those days when I was reminded of the society that my child lives in.  We were on our way to daycare when our car was cut off by a runner.   Let me say that again-our CAR was cut off by a PEDESTRIAN RUNNER.  Getting cutoff on the road is not a new phenomenon, and unfortunately we have all become accustomed to it.   We are used to yelling at cars that cut us off because they do not feel as if they need to use their turn signal.  It is not their responsibly to alert us, but is our responsibility to read their mind that a merge will take place.   We deal with a society full of entitled, egotistical maniacs that think rules do not apply to them. Today I encountered the egotistical, entitled maniac that dwells in our society.

It was before 8 am and the egotistical, entitled maniac decided that he would use the bike lane for his run because he didn’t need to be on the sidewalk.  I am sure bikers have an issue with this but the guy didn’t care because he decided that he didn’t have to run on the sidewalk. After getting bored with the bike lane, he decided he would weave into the road in front of traffic. Clearly, he didn’t realize there was traffic behind him, so I beeped my horn to let him know I was there.  To my surprise, the sound of the horn sent him to crazy town because the next thing I knew he did a dead stop in front of my car!  The egotistical, entitled maniac who should have been on the side-walk in the first place, decided to stop running and do an about-face in front of my car.  He stood in the middle of the road with his hands in the air facing me as if to say, “What? What are you going to do, hit me?” I would like to point out that if I had hit the egotistical, entitled maniac I would be in jail right, even though he should have clearly be run over or arrested for being a dumb-ass.

My pulse started racing, and panic struck me for a second.  Has this person lost his mind? What is he going to do, bang on the hood, or slit my tires?  My child was in the car and I had no intentions of getting into a screaming match with him.  All I wanted him to do was move the hell over so I didn’t hit his egotistical, entitled ass.

As luck would have it, there was a cop in front of me who saw the encounter taking place in his mirror. The cop immediately exited his car and ordered the guy on the sidewalk, where I overheard him saying he should have been in the first place.  The cop was clearly not happy with him and didn’t even acknowledge my presence, so I went on my trembling way.  The fact that he was ballsy enough to do it in front of a cop is even more of a sign of his sense of privilege.  This fool really thought he was in the right, because he couldn’t see past his own over-inflated ego.

At what point do people stop following the rules and think they are no longer applicable? We teach our children to follow rules and to be courteous; yet we act like lunatics.   Why is that?  It is not okay, and no one is above the law.  Let’s try to be nice to each other and be an example for our children.

End of today’s rant. -T