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Before Baby Girl came along we tried to keep to ourselves.  We would say hi in the elevator if we made eye contact but for the most part avoided meeting strangers.   Nowadays, we know everyone and are convinced it is because our daughter thinks she is running for Town Mayor.

The Grocery Store:  Last week we were walking past the checkout lines and I caught my daughter waving.  When I looked to see who she was waving to, there were 3 women in the line smiling and waving to her as we walked past.  The yogurt lady is one of our best friends in the store and I now know more about her career than I know about some of my friends.

The Pool: Baby Girl walks around the kiddie pool shouting to the sunbathers until they take their headphones out and interact with her. The lifeguard makes it a point to come say hello when we arrive and knows her by name.

The Elevator: This past weekend I was in the elevator, when a neighbor looked at her and said, “Is this the birthday girl?” I was puzzled because she did just celebrate her birthday and I had never seen this person before.  The look on my face must have spoken for itself because he quickly said, “Oh,you must be Nate’s wife. I met him and your daughter a few days ago.”

The Park: We all know that you meet every parent when you take your kid to the park and you have to be social.

The Dr. Office:  At my last appointment, we talked to all of the patients in the lobby and the nurses came out to the lobby to see her before we were taken back.

Restaurant:  Last week, we had two waitresses entertaining our social butterfly while we ate. She loved them and we were able to eat!

The Airplane: We flew to Miami in January and sat in the back of the plane in case she had a screaming fit.  Instead, we ended up being the greeting committee for the bathroom because Baby Girl interacted with everyone that waited in the bathroom line.


Future Town Mayor and Miss America

When I was younger it drove me crazy that my mom knew everyone and ‘running’ to the store always took forever because she had to talk with someone.  I now know that I probably made her that way because children force you to step out of your comfort zone.  They make you interact with everyone in your community and I am so thankful that my daughter has already changed me for the better.