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We were at dinner this past week and ended up being there for almost 90 minutes, which is a long time for Baby Girl to sit.  She did very well in the beginning. She ate food from all our courses, read a book and played with her Hippo. When she started to get really bored and cranky I took her out of her high chair and passed her to the Hubs, allowing a change of scenery.  This seemed to make it worse; clearly, she was over it. And then it happened.  We handed her a cell phone so she could watch Sesame Street YouTube.  I’m Now the Electronic Parent! THAT PARENT!

I’m the parent that old people look at weirdly in the restaurant because my kid is watching YouTube. I’m the parent that has a child that cannot sit for more than 90 minutes. I’m That Parent!

I felt bad about it for a split second and realized quickly that I don’t care.  My child shouldn’t have to sit for 90 minutes, she’s 1!  My emotions quickly switched to irritation and I became THAT WOMAN!  “Excuse me, busboy, can you find my server? He has been taking forever and we need to go.”  I no longer feel bad about it and you shouldn’t either!  Cheers, T