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No one told me that having a child would push my OCD organizational limits.  A child, or at least my child, has her own ideas and knows where things really belong in the house.

The following is the Feng-Shui Guide according to my 1-year-old:

  • Wallets belong on the guest bed in the nursery.
  • Deodorant belongs on the living room floor.
  • Car keys should be kept on the bathroom floor.
  • Oven mitts need to scattered on the kitchen floor for a beautiful decoration.
  • Foil, plastic wrap, and plastic bags all belong where the oven mitts were once stored.
  • Kitchen dish towels should be moved to the entertainment center.
  • Anything from the bathroom cabinet, including tampons, can be littered into the hallway.
  • Most importantly, the cat food should be dumped on the floor daily!

Below is a photo of how salad dressings should be moved from the side door, and displayed in the front of the refrigerator.