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Last week Baby Girl was sick and we quickly learned about the BRAT diet.  For those of you unfamiliar, BRAT is the acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.  These are the recommended foods to allow your child’s stomach to settle down.  We also learned that dairy products will make diarrhea worse, note that cheese does not bind your child, as is common myth.  Since she was not allowed to have dairy, milk was off of the table and Pedialyte was in.  Those of you know that when your child does not feel well and does not want to eat, you need to get creative.

My child gets bored with the same old thing, so we switched up the flavors of her applesauce.  Motts has a great line of products and a lot of options, so we went with her favorites: blueberry and green apple.   Since she can’t eat just applesauce, and wouldn’t eat the rice plain, I mixed them together.  Who knew that cold rice and cold applesauce would be such a hit?!  She loves bananas so that wasn’t a problem, but the toast didn’t make it past day 1 and I didn’t force the issue.

After one day of only drinking Pedialyte and water, she was over it so I had to get creative and trick her.   She LOVES drinking out of my tumbler cup with the straw so I poured the Pedialyte in that and acted as if it was my drink.  Of course she wanted mom’s drink, so she drank it.  Wahhoooo, problem solved and my hydrated baby was none the wiser!  It is these small victories that feel so huge in motherhood and I am happy to report that she is feeling much better!

Cheers, T