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This past week I forced myself to go to the grocery store and get back on track with packing lunch and making dinner during the week.  I will post a few dinner recipes next week but will showcase my #timesaver weekly lunch making abilities in the pictures below.

I love to save time when I can, so packing 3-4 lunches on Sunday night allows my weeknights to be less hectic. My lunch of choice is salad so its pretty easy to make them all at once and it keeps me on the healthy track! Doublewin!

Eating salad becomes very boring so the trick is to switch up your proteins and vegetables.  If you use spinach as your base one week, go with romaine the following week.  I like to add beans to my salads, so I alternate between chickpeas and kidney beans.  You might think the salad would be mushy by Wednesday, but as long as you don’t add dressing and water based veggies like cucumbers, you will be fine.  I throw mine in the chinese takeout containers because they’re convenient and keep the salads fresh.





Cheers, T