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I was at the nail salon, making sure my toes were summer acceptable, when I went through the routine of grabbing a few magazines and heading to the pedicure chair.

When looking through the magazines I realized that some women’s magazines are just NOT practical for moms. Yes, I know there are mom magazines out there and I am an avid reader of Parents Magazine but sometimes I need to turn my mommy brain off.

Let me start by looking at the cover of beauty magazines.  NO ONE wears a jacket with their boobs and belly button hanging out, at least no one that I can relate to, so I put that magazine to the side.

IMG_1214[1]In almost every beauty magazine, there are weight loss tips that I have seen before, and haven’t followed yet, so I skip that section.  In another section there are 5 tricks to make you look younger, but the flow chart is too long for me to pay attention to, so I skip that section as well.  I am getting tired of the look better, lose weight, dress better articles that are recycled from last year. I think I have been reading them since I graduated from reading Tiger Beat.

All of that aside, I am happy to have come across Redbook Magazine.  They did a great interview with Melissa McCarthy, who I now LOVE even more, and seem to focus on the practical side of doing things,  not just fixing yourself.

If you have any favorites or recommendations, please share!

Cheers, T