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Earlier this summer we vacationed in the Outer Banks, NC.  It was our first time there, but luckily the couples we traveled with had already been and knew the ropes.


Outer Banks Sunset.

I have listed a few things that I found helpful when planning our trip to the Outer Banks:

  1. The houses in OBX are huge, so it works out well if you split it with other families.  Rental companies such as Twiddy: http://www.twiddy.com/ are great for rentals.
  2. Leave early. Seasoned OBX vacationers know to leave their house very early in the morning. If you plan your trip so that you arrive after 9, you will be sitting in a lot of traffic. Try not to leave later than 5am, if you can.
  3. Your car will be loaded with suitcases, food, beach chairs, etc.  To make life easier, coordinate with other families so that everyone is not bringing the same thing. Have someone bring dish soap, another should bring solo cups, paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper. You get the idea.
  4. If you do not want to bring goods with you, you can always shop at the grocery store once you get there. You will need to go to the store for perishables, unless you want to haul coolers in your car. I will warn you, the store is packed. Everyone arrives on the same day so everyone tries to go to the store on Saturday night or Sunday morning.
  5. I loved that the families we traveled with coordinated dinners.  Each night a family was responsible for the meal to feed everyone.  This way, you can enjoy your vacation and are responsible for one night instead of every night.

    Baby Girl loves vacation!

  6. If you need to rent things like cribs or baby gates, there are plenty of places to do so: http://www.oceanatlanticrentals.com/. Rent ahead of time and they will deliver to your house.
  7. Your house should have a washer and dryer so you do not need to pack your entire closet; this will save room in the car. ie: pack 4 bathing suits instead of 7. 
  8. If you have a baby, it helps if you bring a blow up pool and/or tailgating tent for the beach.  The beach is THE thing to do in the Outer Banks so you will be spending a lot of time there. Don’t forget your sand buckets. 

    Ahhh, the beach

  9. Your house should supply bath towels and bed linens but it always helps to bring a few extra bath and beach towels.
  10. Before you leave to return home, throw a load or two of laundry in.  This will ensure you are not overwhelmed at home with chores.  Afterall, who wants to do laundry when you return from vacation?

Cheers, T