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If you cannot tell from my earlier blog posts, we enjoy two major things in life: eating and traveling.  Next week we are heading to MN and I will post our experience once we return, but I wanted to share our vacation from last year when we went to Shenandoah Valley with our, then, 3 month old.


Baby Girl is becoming a pro at traveling!

Shenandoah is a beautiful area, and makes for an easy road trip if you live on the East Coast. We didn’t have an agenda, except to arrive at our lodging before nightfall. Since this was our first real trip with Baby Girl, we took our time and made stops. Pit stops allowed for her to eat, and for us to take in some of the local goods. We found the Apple House where we picked up some doughnuts and BBQ sandwiches. I also made it a point to stop at a shop that sold VA wine, which can be found in most shops in Shenandoah.


Doughnuts and BBQ!


Feeding a Baby and posing for pics like a pro.

Another landmark that we found was Dinosaur Land, so we went.File1406

I will note that it is a little outdated and cheesy but elementary aged kids and dinosaur lovers will enjoy it.  I did find a good bit of souvenirs in the gift shop and the people were VERY nice! File1415

The big attraction in Luray are the caverns, but we were not comfortable taking a newborn into caverns so we opted out.  I will note that I went with my family when I was in 8th grade and still remember it, so elementary and middle schoolers will appreciate it.


Luray Caverns: http://luraycaverns.com/

I was happy to see that there was a maze outside of the caverns, that was stroller friendly so we gave it a whirl:http://www.thegardenmaze.com/.




There are spots in the maze to hide from the sun. Great for a newborn!

Shenandoah is huge and there are plenty of options for lodging in the area but we opted to stay near Luray at a cozy little red barn: http://luraycountrycabins.com/littleredbarn.html, which is family run and operated.



Happy that there was a a fire pit, so I made sure to bring marshmallows for smores.

All in all, a great weekend getaway! Hope you are enjoying the end of your summer and if you haven’t been on vacation yet, its never too late to plan a weekend trip. If you need packing ideas see my post from 8/8: Road Trips with a Baby


Our 1st trip as a family of 3!

Cheers, T