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Fall is here and the weather is cooling down, so it is a perfect time for a trip to the Zoo. This past Sunday I decided to take Baby Girl to the National Zoo in DC; according to the website, you can “visit the Zoo 364 days a year to see 2,000 individual animals of 400 different species.”

I thought all kids loved the zoo and my daughter did too, for about 30 minutes. What I did not expect, was the trip would turn into another parenting lesson for ME.

Please let me out of the stroller

Please let the child out of the stroller. 

After 30 minutes of me saying, “Oh, look at (insert animal)” and pointing to the said animal she was over it.  What I failed to realize was, like every 15 month old, she wanted to explore. I also failed to realize that looking for sticks is way more fun than looking at animals!

No animals in this area

No animals over there.

There are alot of sticks

Luckily, there are a lot of sticks.










The look of excitement on her face at finding the sticks was priceless so I went with it. “Oh, wow! That’s a great stick. How many do you have? Two? Two sticks? Let’s count them. One, two!”

I had to remind myself that, while the trip did not go as I planned, it was still great. I am sure there will be a lot of things in our life that do not go the way I plan them to go and that is okay.  As long as we are having fun, she is learning from me and I am learning from her, it will be a wonderful life!


Walking to her own beat, I love it!

For those of you that are interested in what the Zoo has to offer, and not just a parenting lesson, I did take a few pictures of the animals.

Their website can be found here: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Visit/. 

I hope you are looking forward to the cool fall weather and had a wonderful summer! —Tara