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We went to the pediatrician last week and he informed me that the teen months are similar to the teen years. Tantrums can be tough, toddlers become easily frustrated, and they are strong-willed.  What I did not expect was the fact that my toddler would be calling the shots.

Last night my daughter walked into my bedroom and started talking.

“Yada, yaaa, blehhhh, yabba, dit, dit, dit.”

“Okay, so you want to go to bed? Go get your binky, I’ll be right there.”  I didn’t move right away so she came back 5 seconds later.

“Yada, yaaa, blehhhh, yabba, dit, dit, dit.”

“Okay, I am coming, let’s go get your binky.”

We walk to the kitchen and grab her binky. She then proceeds to walk through the living room, waving goodbye to her Dad.  I remind her to give Daddy a hug and kiss, she does just that, I then pick her up and carry her to her room.  I start singing our bedtime song and she reaches out for her crib.  Clearly, she wants no part of me and a lullaby tonight; she wants her bed and as soon I lay her down she is asleep.  If there had been steps at her crib, she would have put herself to bed.

“Yada, yaaa, blehhhh, yabba, dit, dit, dit”. Translation: get off of your butt and put me to bed.

Everyone told me how fast they grow, but I didn’t realize it would go this fast.  She now understands her routine and is reminding me that it is bedtime. When did this happen?

Tonight we went to dinner, because we always go to dinner on Wednesdays and we didn’t want to be scolded for breaking our routine.  Afterall, Yada, yaaa, blehhhh, yabba, dit, dit, dit could also mean I want sweet potato fries and a bread basket now!

Happy Hump Day, Tara