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Tomorrow night is date night and this girl is ready! A night to get dressed up, a nice dinner and actually have a full conversation with my love—sign me up!

The part of the night that weirds me out is the babysitter part.  To think that I am old enough to need a babysitter, still shocks me. Wait, I am an adult with a house and a kid? I still feel like that teenage girl who babysits for other people.  I still feel like that teenage girl who is afraid when the phone rings in case its the man upstairs from the movie When A Stranger Calls. Weirdly enough, I am no longer that teenage girl, I am now the responsible adult which means I have to go through my responsibility checklist:

  • Did I leave the name and number of the pediatrician?
  • Did I leave the name of the place we will be?
  • Did I take out cash to pay her?
  • Did I stock the fridge with good stuff?  After all, the best part of babysitting is raiding someone else’s fridge.
  • Did we make a dinner reservation?
  • What on Earth am I going to wear??

Okay, I need to stop blogging and get to my list. Crap, I hope I texted her the address. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend! —Tara