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Well, it is officially fall and while I always say fall is my favorite season, I am noticing a shift in my mood this fall.  Yes, I am one of those girls that LOVES pumpkin flavored everything, and sporting my yoga pants while drinking a latte.  I am one of those that stuffs my face with bad food on Sunday during football while chasing it with a beer. Fall TV is on, so I am also one of those that cozies on my couch to watch Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy while drinking my red wine. I am that girl that loves fall, but not this fall.


These past few weeks have felt different; my winter blues have seemed to creep in early.  I complain to everyone I talk to. “I’m tired and need to go to the gym, but there’s no time. The sun rises once I am in the car and it is getting dark early. There aren’t enough hours in the day.”  The more I talk about it, the more I am starting to get on my own nerves.

Time to take action.  My cousin and I decided we would hold each other accountable and call each other every morning to exercise before work. We would work out at the same time to ensure we were doing it.  Sounds good, but this worked ZERO times in the past 3 weeks!  #Fail

After hitting the snooze a few times, I roll out of bed and feel bad about not working out.  My guilt is quickly turned to fear as soon as I turn the TV on.  BREAKING NEWS: EBOLA IN THE US, & CHILDREN DYING FROM ENTEROVIRUS 68.  Are you frickin’ kidding me? 

“Can’t we just keep her home?” I ask the Hubs.  Every night at bed time, I check her forehead.  “Does she feel warm to you?” He checks her temperature and reassures me she is fine.  I want to stay home in my safe little bubble, but I can’t so I need to make positive changes that will make me feel better.

I cannot control the sun’s hours, war, or disease but I have found that if I feel good about myself, I feel better in general. So, its time for me to make a list and check my items off.

  • Eyebrows- √
  • Pedicure. Orange for Halloween- √
  • Hair colored. Caramel highlights for fall- √
  • Eye Dr.- √
  • Dentist- √
  • Grocery store for healthy foods- √

Once progress was made, I started to feel better. I picked up a copy of Gone Girl and retreated from the never-ending news cycle.  This past week, I finished the book and made it to the gym twice!  Once I did small things for myself, to make myself feel better, I stopped complaining about being in a rut. After all, if I feel like shit, I am no good to anyone else.  My high school teacher used to say, “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.” If not that, I guess fake it until you make it.

I know we all have these slumps, so if you have any tips on things you have done to motivate yourself, I would love to hear!