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The toy box I ordered has finally arrived!  I have been waiting for months, and I wasn’t sure if I could wait much longer since the scattered toys in our house are starting to drive me crazy.

I ordered a Princess Fainting Couch toy box for Baby Girl’s 1st birthday, which was in May and I was starting to give up hope on the delivery. Apparently, the company that supplies the toy box was hit by a natural disaster and the inventory was wiped out.  True or not, I reminded myself that I can put up with a few scattered toys if other people are being hit by natural disasters.

All of that aside, the company that sells the toy boxes, CarefreeKidz, was amazingly professional.  The company has excellent customer service and kept me up to date on where things stood through multiple emails and phone calls. Companies like that are rare to find, hence why I wanted to feature them in this blog post.  I would definitely order from them again and you can check them out if you would like, CarefreeKidz: http://carefreekidz.com

On top of that, the toy box was very easy to assemble.   Baby Girl and I took it upon ourselves to assemble before my husband got home from work.  I am one happy Mama!

Now, if we can keep the toys in the toy box, I would be eternally grateful. 🙂           Until next time, Tara