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Pumpkin season is in full effect so if you are planning to hit the pumpkin patch this weekend, read below for creative inspiration.

1. Decorate with stickers, markers or paint. This is great if you have a little one and are not comfortable carving.  My daughter loved decorating her pumpkin with Sesame Street stickers.

IMG_1733[1]2. Use it for decoration.  One of my friends brought this festive centerpiece when she visited this last week. I love it!

IMG_1735[1]3. Cook it. Hollow out your pumpkin and fill it with cheese and bread for a delicious fondue! Recipe can be found here: Cheese Filled Pumpkin Recipe


4. Eat the Seeds. Cuddle up on the couch to watch a scary movie while munching on this healthy snack. Recipe can be found here: Pumpkin Seeds

IMG_1628[1]5. Carve It. Be old-fashioned and carve your jack-o-lantern; watch your child’s face light up!

Happy pumpkin picking!  Until next time, Tara