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A new mom told me that she lets her newborn take naps on her chest. She doesn’t lay the newborn down, she holds her while she is sleeping.  The mom quickly followed up, “Well, she’s so little and I really like holding her. I know I need to get her in a routine, but I like to cuddle with her.”

I was floored. I was floored because she felt the need to explain herself to me.  I was floored because I could care less where your child sleeps and I’m not judging you.  In fact, I agreed with her, you should cuddle your newborn.  You should cuddle your kids for as long as you want, and when you want because they will not be tiny for long. judge

I think it is sad that we feel the need to constantly defend ourselves.  Who cares if your child is not walking by 11 months? Some kids walk at 17 months.  Your child sleeps in bed with you because it is easier for you than fighting with them? No judging here. The last time I checked, no child above the age of 18 was crawling in bed with their parents.  Eventually, they will grow out of it.  You formula feed because your giant boobs can not seem to produce milk? You’re not the only one and that is why there is a multi-million dollar industry that specializes in baby formula.  You are not alone and there is no judging here.

For all you Mamas that have felt judged, or felt that you needed to explain yourself, I’m curious to hear so leave your best stories below.  I promise I will not judge. Until next time, Tara