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Last week I posted 5 Ideas for Your Pumpkin, so I figured I would finish October with 3 recipes for your apples!

To start, set up your apple peeler and peel as many apples as you need. Drinking wine is optional. 🙂


1. Applesauce. Once your apples are peeled, drop them in the water lined pot with as much sugar and cinnamon as you like.  I added a lot of cinnamon to mine, which is why the below picture is so brown. Simmer and occasionally stir until you get it as smooth as you want. THAT. IS. IT. Put in the refrigerator and enjoy. Sorry this does not have measurements, this is one of those recipes, you just need to eyeball. 

2. Apple Crisps. Line the pan with peeled and sliced apples. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon if you desire. Bake on 400 degrees for an hour, but check them frequently. I burned mine.

3. Caramel Covered Apples. Have leftover apples? Pick up a tub of caramel at the store and dip your apples for a delicious fall snack.

IMG_1796[1]Until next time, Tara