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As I was rattling off my list of things to do for Christmas, my husband responded, “Wow, you have really thought this through.”

He must have thought that Santa appears on the 25th without any help from all of the Mommy Elves out there.  I told him, “Santa doesn’t just appear!”


Where do I even begin?

  • The books that are opened every night for the Christmas countdown needed to be wrapped by December 1st.
  • Christmas pajama set #1 needed to be washed so they could be worn through the month. Pajama set #2 for Christmas Eve has not been tackled.
  • Christmas attire needed to be purchased by a certain date so the outfit could be worn by the first weekend in December, this allows for the photo to be on this years Christmas card.
  • Speaking of cards, they still need to be ordered so they can be delivered, addressed and sent out.
  • Cookie cutters need to be purchased before baking begins and the cookies can’t be baked too far in advance, or they will be stale. #TIMING
  • Presents need to be purchased before they can be wrapped in special new gift wrap.
  • Teacher gifts need to be bought and delivered in time for the last day of school.
  • The house needs to be cleaned for the guests that are coming in and old toys need to be donated for the new ones that Santa will bring.
  • Christmas dinner needs to be planned, and groceries purchased within a certain time frame so the meal can be executed.


What did I forget? Oh yeah, the tree!

I hope all of you Mommy Elves are hanging in there! Until next time, Tara