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I never fully understood the extent to which your home could be declared a disaster area until my child started to accumulate toys, books, and blankets.  I know, welcome to the Mom Club!

This past fall I added a toybox to her room with the hopes of getting organized.  I blogged about it in October: http://mazerisms.com/2014/10/14/princess-fainting-couch-toy-box/ and you can see the toybox there in the corner of her room, UNDER everything!


I needed a bookshelf and could not find one that matched her furniture, was a decent size, and affordable.  I looked at the crafty DIY bookshelves on Pinterest, even though I am the least DIY person you have ever met! Needless to say I ended up looking for 2 months and complaining about her room every time I went in there.  One day while putting clothes away, I started cleaning out her clothes, then the closet,  and then decided to organize the chaos.


I did something simple. I flipped 2 baskets on their side, and VIOLA! The books went inside so she can easily grab them and I stacked the puzzles on top.  A reading corner had finally been created; I am finally organized!


My point here, is that you don’t have to buy something new or build something that you see on Pinterest. You can use what you have, and it works just as well. Your sanity has just been saved!


After all, you will need your sanity for when your toddler dumps all the toys and books out of the baskets because baskets also make great boats for pretend play.:)
Until next time, Tara